Hi, my name is Pekka Tiira and I live in Vantaa with my wife and two dogs. Vantaa is a city in southern Finland. My profession is a teacher of information technology but I'm retired.

Making web pages is one of my hobbies, other hobbies are aquariums, dogs and music.

I listen to music much, right now I like r&b and reggae most. Watching television is limited to news, sports, music programs and few series.

We have also two aquariums where live 8 species of catfishes, black tetras, Siamese algae eaters and pearl gouramis. I bought my first 30 liters aquarium in year 1987. Next year I purchased a bigger 250 liters aquarium. During the years I have had several different sized aquariums and all kinds of fishes but catfishes have always been my favourites.