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>16,99 *****

Ja bassoa piisaa

15,00 - 16,99 ****
13,00 - 14,99 ***
11,00 - 12,99 **
09,00 - 10,99 *
<09,00 0


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Artist | Artisti Album | Albumi Song | Kappale    

Sivun alkuun

10CC Bloody Tourists Anonymous Alcoholics ****  
22-Pistepirkko: Big Lubu Swamp Blues ****  
4R Mood Mood ****  
69 Eyes Angels Wings & Hearts *  

A Sivun alkuun

Aavikko Multi Muysic Viitostie *  
Abba Number ones Chiquitita ****  
ACDC The Razor's Edge Thunderstruck **  
ACDC Back In Black Shoot To Thrill **  
After Crying Show After Crying Show Secret Service *****  
After Crying Show De Profundis De Profundis *****  
Alarm, The Declaration Howling Wind *****  
Althea & Donna Uptown Top Ranking Make A Truce ****  
Amon Düül II Carnival In Babylon Tatzelwurmloch ****  
Apsaras Apsaras Aruhi No Kaze *****  
Asia Asia Here Comes The Feeling ****  
Asian Dub Foundation Community Music Truth Hides **  
Asian Dub Foundation Enemy of The Enemy 19 Rebellions ***  
Astro Lines Stripped Body In Motion ****  

B Sivun alkuun

B-52's, The Time Capsule Love Shack ****  
Beats And Styles This Is ... Beats And Styles Fifth Element Of Hip Hop **  
Beggars Opera Act One Light Cavalry ****  
Beggars Opera Get Your Dog Off Me! Working Man ***  
Beggars Opera Pathfinder MacArthur Park ****  
Beggars Opera Waters Of Change Time Machine *  
Big Country The Crossing The Storm *****  
Big Dish, The Swimmer Swimmer *****  
Blondie Blondie A Shark In Jets Clothing ***  
Bowie, David Let's Dance Let's Dance *****  
Bowie, David Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) *****  
Boycott Boycott Gotta Rock *****  
Braheny, Kevin Galaxies Ancient Stars *****  
Brown, Dennis Money In My Pocket - The Definitive Collection Tenement Yard ***  
Busta Rhymes Extinction Level Event What's It Gonna Be?! **  

C Sivun alkuun

Camel Mirage Lady Fantasy: Encounter/Smiles For You/Lady Fantasy ****  
Camel Moonmadness Lunar Sea *****  
Camel Music Inspired By The Snow Goose Dunkirk ****  
Canto Finlandia Canto Finlandia Joutsenlaulu *  
Cars, The Heartbeat City Heartbeat City ***  
Cave Nick & The Bad Seeds Your Funeral My Trial The Carny *****  
Chaka Khan I Feel For You I Feel For You *****  
Chao, Manu Clandestino Mentira... ***  
Chicago The Heart of Chicago 1967 - 1997 Beginnings ****  
Clark, Gene No Other Some Misunderstanding ***  
Cliff, Jimmy Super Hits Hanging Fire ****  
Cliff, Jimmy The Power And The Glory Reggae Night *****  
Clifton Chenier Band, The Cajun Swamp Music Live Louisiana Two Step *****  
Cobham, Billy Warning Come Join Me *****  
Cohen, Leonard Various Positions Night Comes On *****  
Cole, Lloyd and The Commotions Easy Pieces Brand New Friend *****  
Collins, Phil No Jacket Required Take Me Home *****  
Coloseum Epitah Valentine Suite *****  
Cooper, Alice Killer Halo Of Flies *****  
Copeland, Stewart The Rhythmatist Samburu Sunset *****  
Costello, Elvis King Of America Jack Of All Parades *****  
Costello, Elvis Punch The Clock Shipbuilding *****  
Costello, Elvis The Man - The Best Of Elvis Costello Shipbuilding *****  
Cream Disraeli Gears Sunshine Of Your Love *****  
Cure, The The Top The Top *****  

D Sivun alkuun

Dalbello She Immaculate Eyes *****  
Davis, Miles Decoy That's right *****  
Deep Purple The Platinium Collection Child In Time ***  
Dekker, Desmond Sing A Little Song Where Did It Go ***  
Depeche Mode Black Celebration Fly On The Windscreen - Final *****  
Devo Duty Now For The Future / New Tradionalists Smart Patrol / Mr DNA *****  
Devo Q: Are We Men? A: We Are Devo / Devo Live Gut Feeling *****  
Dire Straits Brothers In Arms Why Worry *****  
Dire Straits Communique Follow Me Home *****  
Dire Straits Dire Straits In The Gallery *****  
Dire Straits Love Over Gold It Never Rains ****  
Dire Straits Making Movies Tunnel Of Love ****  
Dire Straits The Best Of Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler Tunnel Of Love ***  
Discordia Utopia Perfection Slave Planet II ****  
Dream Theater A Change Of Seasons A Change Of Seasons ***  
Dream Theater Awake Scarred ***  
Dream Theater Falling Into Infinity Trial Of Tears **  
Dream Theater Images And Words Learning To Live ****  
Dream Theater Metropolis Pt. 2 - Scenes From A Memory Scene Six: Home **  
Dream Theater Octavarium Octavarium ***  
Dream Theater Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence The Glass Prison *  
Dream Theater Systematic Chaos Repentance **  
Dream Theater Train Of Thought In The Name Of God *  
Dream Theater When Dream And Day Unite The Ones Who Help To Set The Sun *****  
Dury, Ian Best Clever Trevor *****  
Dury, Ian Mr Love Pants Mash It Up Harry ****  

E Sivun alkuun

Eagles Hotel California The Last Resort *****  
Egotrippi: Matkustaja Toisinaan ***  
Emerson, Lake & Palmer Tarkus Tarkus ***  
Enchant Juggling 9 Or Dropping 10 Traces **  
Eppu Normaali Kahdeksas Ihme Elämän Tarkoitus *****  
Eppu Normaali Sadan Vuoden Päästäkin Suolaista Sadetta ***  
Eurythmics Sweat Dreams (Are Made Of This) This City Never Sleeps *****  
Everything But The Girl Eden The Spice Of Life *****  

F Sivun alkuun

Flower Kings, The The Sum Of No Evil Love is the Only Answer ***  
Flower Kings, The Unfold The Future The Truth Will Set You Free ****  
Flying Pickets, The Lost Boys Psycho Killer *****  
Frijid Pink Earth omen Miss Evil ****  

G Sivun alkuun

Gabriel, Peter Plays Live - Highlights San Jancito *****  
Gabriel, Peter So Mercy Street *****  
Genesis A Trick Of The Tail Ripples ... *****  
Genesis Abacab Dodo / Lurker ***  
Genesis And Then There Were Three ... Burning Rope *****  
Genesis Calling All Stations One Man's Fool ****  
Genesis Duke Duke's Travels ***  
Genesis Foxtrot Supper's Ready *****  
Genesis From Genesis To Revelation The Serpent *****  
Genesis Genesis Mama *****  
Genesis Invisible Touch Domino *****  
Genesis Nursery Cryme The Musical Box *****  
Genesis Selling England By The Pound The Battle Of Epping Forest *****  
Genesis Trespass The Knife *****  
Genesis We Can't Dance Fading Lights *****  
Genesis Wind And Wuthering One For The Vine ****  
Gentle Giant In A Glass House In A Glass House ****  
Gentle Giant Octopus River *****  
Gentle Giant The Power And The Glory Proclamation *****  
Gentle Giant Three Friends Schooldays *****  
Giant Robot Jennifer Kissed Me Precast Empire **  
Gladiators, The Dreadlocks The Time Is Now Write To Me *****  
Gladiators, The Trench Town Mix Up Thief In The Night ***  
Goldie Saturnzreturn Truth ******  
Good Charlotte The Chronicles Of Life And Death In This World (Murder) ***  
Grant, Eddy Going For Broke Political Bassa-Bassa *****  
Grant, Eddy The Greatest Hits Nobody's Got Time *  
Green Day Dookie F.O.D. *****  
Greenslade Beside Manners Are Extra Drum Folk *****  
Greenslade Greenslade Sundance ****  
Greenslade Time And Tide Catalan ***  

H Sivun alkuun

Hancock, Herbie Sound-System Hardrock *****  
Hanoi Rocks Up Around The Bend ... The Definitive Collection Sweet Home Suburbia ***  
Happoradio Vuosipäivä Encore **  
Haven Haven The Curtain ***  
Haycock, Pete Guitar And Son Terry Anne *****  
Hector Nuku Idiootti Nuku Idiootti ****  
Hirvonen, Pirjo Manhattan Memories Full Moon *****  
Hurriganes Roadrunner Roadrunner *  
Hwong Lucia House Of Sleeping Beauties Tibet Suite *****  

I Sivun alkuun

Inner Circle The Best Of Inner Circle Bad To The Bone **  
IQ Dark Matter Harvest Of Souls **  
Isaacs, Gregory Happiness Come If You're In Love *****  
Isaacs, Gregory Lonely Days Border *****  
Isaacs, Gregory Willow Tree My Number One *****  
Ismo Alanko Säätiö Sisäinen Solarium Sampo ***  

J Sivun alkuun

Jackson, Joe Body And Soul Heart Of Ice *****  
Jackson, Joe Look Sharp Fools In Love *****  
Jagger, Mick She's The Boss Lucky in Love *****  
Jarre, Jean-Michel Musik Aus Zeit Und Raum Oxygene II *****  
Joi The Pendulum Vibe Adoramus Te Christe *****  
Jones, Danko We Sweat Blood Dance *  
Jones, Grace Island Life La Vien En Rose    
Jones, Quincy The Dude Ain No Corrida *****  
Järvinen, Albert Let It Roll - Rocks & Rarities The Tribe *  

K Sivun alkuun

Kaipa Angeling Feelings The Fleeting Existence Of Time **  
Kaipa Mind Revolutions Mind Revolutions ***  
Kapteeni Ä-Ni Parhaat Sitä & Tätä ***  
King Crimson Larks' Tongues In Aspic Larks Tongues In Aspic, Part One *****  
King Crimson Red Starless ****  
King Tubby Dub Fever Boulevard Ride **  
Kingston Wall I Nepal **  
Kirka The Spell Don't Steal My Heart ****  
Kodo Heartbeat Drummers of Japan Monochrome *****  
Kolmas Nainen Onnen Oikotiellä Ooh, Sammy! ***  
Kravitz, Lenny Greatest Hits Let Love Rule **  
Kuosmanen Sakari Suojaton Suojaton **  
Kuusumun Profeetta Hymyilevien Laivojen Satama Hän Jota Ei Koskaan Ollutkaan ****  
Kuusumun Profeetta Kukin Kaappiaan Selässään Kantaa Askeleita Rannalla ****  

L Sivun alkuun

Leevi And The Leavings Keskiviikko... 40 Ensimmäistä Hittiä Rakkauden Työkalu ****  
Leskinen, Juice Kautta Aikain Kuumaa Tuhkaa **  
Level 42 True Colours Hot Water *****  
Liquid Tension Experiment 2 When The Water Breaks **  
Liquid Tension Experiment Liquid Tension Experiment Freedom Of Speech **  
Logic System Logic Unit *****  
Logic System Orient Express In A Persian Market *****  
Lovex Devine Insanity Remorse *  
Lovin' Spoonful, The Do You Believe In Magic/Hums Sportin' Life ****  
Lowe, Nick The Convincer Poor Side Of Town ***  

M Sivun alkuun

Madonna Like A Virgin Shoo-Bee-Doo *****  
Manfred Mann's Earth Band Glorified Magnified I'm Gonna Have You All ****  
Mann, Aimee Batchelor No.2 Deathly ***  
Mann, B.E. Jukebox Jams It's Alright ****  
Mann, B.E. The Energy Man Nowhere To Run **  
Mann, B.E. & Spliff J.T. You're Invited ... To Our Party Boombastic **  
Manogurgeil Unirytmejä Sydämesi Suljettu Yrttitarha **  
Marillion Script For A Jester's Tear The Web ****  
Marley, Bob & The Wailers Babylon By Bus Is This Love? *****  
Marley, Bob & The Wailers Legend Exodus *****  
Massive Attack Mezzanine Group Four ***  
Matt Bianco Matt Bianco Up Front *****  
Matt Bianco Whose Side Are You On Matt's Mood *****  
Mattila, Karita Wild Rose Ich Ging Mit Lust *****  
McCartney, Paul Give My Regards To Broad Street Eleanor Rigby / Eleanor's Dream *****  
McLaughlin, Di Meola, De Lucia Passion, Grace And Fire Orient Blue *****  
Mew And The Glass Handed Kites Louise Louisa *****  
Mickey Hart / Airto / Flora Purim Däfos The Gates Of Däfos *****  
Midnight Oil 20.000 Watt R.S.L. One Country ****  
Miljoonasade Veitsen Valossa Olkinainen *****  
Mills, Stephanie I've Got The Cure The Medicine Song *****  
Mink Deville Sportin' Life Italian Shoes *****  
Moore, Gary White Knuckles Parisienne Walkways *****  
Moraz, Patrick The Story of I Rise and Fall ****  
Morricone, Ennio The Music Of Ennio Morricone Good Luck Jack (My Name Is Nobody) ****  
Morse, Allan Four O'Clock And Hysteria R Bluz ***  
Mustajärvi, Pate Miehen Tie Sydän Syrjällään **  

N Sivun alkuun

Negative Anorectic A Song for the Broken Hearted *  
Neljä Ruusu Valuva Taivas Kauppakeskuskuolema **  
No Doubt Rock Steady Rock Steady ***  
No Doubt The Singles 1992-2003 Underneath It All **  

O Sivun alkuun

Oksala T.T. Shore Stories Shamrock Shore *****  
Oldfield, Mike Tubular Bells III Jewel In The Crown ****  
Only Ones, The The Immortal Story The Beast ****  
Orbit, William Strange Cargo Silent Signals *****  
Osibisa Osibisa / Woyaya Ayiko Bia *****  

P Sivun alkuun

Pallas The Blinding Darkness The Ripper *****  
Pauli Hanhimäen Perunateatteri Kaikki Rakkaudesta Rakkaus On **  
Peer Günt Good Girls Don't ... Bartender (Extended) *****  
Pepe Deluxe Spare Time Machine Captain Carter's Fathoms ***  
Piirpauke Algazara Mandarin's Magic Dream *****  
Piirpauke Zerenade Nergiz *****  
Pink Floyd Dark Side Of the Moon Us And Them *****  
Pink Floyd Delicate Sound Of Thunder Shine On You Crazy Diamond *****  
Pink Floyd Meddle Echoes *****  
Pink Floyd The Division Bell High Hopes *****  
Pink Floyd The Final Cut The Gunners Dream *****  
Pink Floyd The Wall Mother *****  
Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part One) *****  
Platypus Ice Cycles Gone *****  
Poets Of The Fall Carnival Of Rust Maybe Tomorrow Is A Better Day **  
Police, The Synchronicity Wrapped Around Your Finger *****  
Police, The Zenyatta Mondatta Shadows In The Rain *****  
Porcupine Tree Deadwing Arriving Somewhere But Not Here **  
Porcupine Tree Fear Of A Blank Planet Anesthetize ***  
Porcupine Tree In Absentia Strip The Soul **  
Porcupine Tree Metanoia Mesmer III / Coma Divine *****  
Porcupine Tree Warszawa Voyage 34 ***  
Prazsky Vyber II Vymlaceny rockovy palice Vymlaceny rockovy palice **  
Pretenders The Singles Middle Of The Road ****  
Priest, Maxi Intentions The Ready Posse Sing Revival Selection *****  
Priest, Maxi Man With The Fun All Kinds Of People ***  
Primal Scream Exterminator Swastika Eyes (Jagz Kooner Mix) **  
Prince 3121 Get On The Boat *  
Prince Around The World In A Day Temptation *****  
Process, The Craven Dog Tree Of Life ***  
Propaganda A Secret Wish Dr. Mabuse *****  

Q Sivun alkuun


R Sivun alkuun

Rasmus, The Hide From The Sun Immortal ***  
Reed, Lou Transformer Goodnight Ladies *****  
Renaissance Turn Of The Cards Running Heard *****  
Richie, Lionel Can't Slow Down All Night Long *****  
Rolling Stones, The Under Cover Too Much Blood *****  
Rosti, Virve Oon Voimissain Nousevan Auringon Talo ****  
Rush Moving Pictures The Camera Eye ****  
Rush Signals The Weapon *****  
Ruts The Crack The Crack *****  
Röyhkä, Kauko & Narttu Ihmelapsi Tuntemattomalle *****  
Röyhkä, Kauko & Narttu Pikku Enkeli / Kulta-aika Live Ruosteinen Kuu ****  

S Sivun alkuun

Sade Diamond Life Cherry Pie *****  
Santana Beyond Appearances Right Now *****  
Santana Santana Soul Sacrifice *****  
Santana, Carlos Havanna Moon Mudbone *****  
Sapho Live Au Bataclan Endi Ouhida (Souvenirs d'enfance) ****  
Seppänen, Arto Joulun Lämpö Sydämiin Tuo Armon Valkokyyhky *****  
Shadow Gallery Tyranny I Believe ***  
Shakatak Out Of This World If You Could See Me Now *****  
Shamen Transamazonia Transamazonia (Deep Dish No Dozemix) **  
Sharkey, Feargal Feargal Sharkey Someone to Somebody *****  
Sheffield Lab The Sheffield Track / Drum Record Amuseum *****  
Sheffield Lab The Sheffield Track / Drum Record Jim Keltner *****  
Sielun Veljet Kuka Teki Huorin Kuka Teki Huorin *****  
Sielun Veljet L'amourha Talvi *****  
Sielun Veljet Suomi - Finland Sumuista Hymyä ****  
Sierra Maestra !dundunbanza! El Reloj De Pastora ****  
Sirkesalo, Aki Enkeleitä Onko Heitä Enkeleitä Onko Heitä *  
Sly & Robbie Rhythm Killers Let's Rock ****  
Smack Smack Shade Of The Blade *****  
Software Electronic-Universe Part II Cosmic Excursion *****  
Sonata Arctica Unia Caleb *  
Soul Captain Band Jokaiselle Tulta Liikkuvat Luut **  
Spirit The Thirteenth Dream I Got a Line on You ****  
Spock's Beard Octane She Is Everything ***  
Spock's Beard Spock's Beard With Your Kiss ****  
Spock's Beard The Kindness of Strangers Harm's Way ***  
Spock's Beard V The Great Nothing **  
Steel Pulse Tribute To The Martyrs Tribute To The Martyrs *****  
Steely Dan Aja Aja *****  
Steely Dan Can't Buy A Thrill Do It Again ****  
Steely Dan Countdown To Ecstasy Your Gold Teeth ****  
Steely Dan Katy Lied Your Gold Teeth II *****  
Sting Nothing Like The Sun They dance alone (Gueca solo) *****  
Sting The Dream Of The Blue Turtles We Work The Black Seam ****  
Stranglers, The Rattus Norvegicus Down In The Sewer *****  
Stranglers, The The Collection 1977-1982 Walk On By ***  
Style Council, The Cafe Bleu You're The Best Thing *****  
Suburban Tribe Revolt Now! Carved In Silence **  
Sunrise Avenue On the Way to Wonderland Wonderland ***  
Supertramp Crime Of The Century Rudy *****  
Suurlähettiläät Omituisten Otusten Kerho Kalliosaarella *****  
Symphony X V Rediscovery (Part II): The New Mythology *  

T Sivun alkuun

Talking Heads Little Creatures Television Man *****  
Tangent, The A Place In The Queue GPS Culture ****  
Technicolour Way Out Leave It All Behind ***  
Teleks Siivet Avaimet Onneesi **  
Television Marquee Moon Marquee Moon *****  
The, The Infected Sweat Bird Of Truth (12" Version) *****  
Thin Lizzy Bad Reputation Soldier of Fortune *****  
Thompson Twins Into The Gap Storm On The Sea *****  
Threshold Hypothetical Narcissus *  
Tik Tak Jotain Muuta ...Ja Jotain Uutta! Yön Valtiaat *  
Tolonen, Jukka Hysterica Jimi ***  
Tolonen, Jukka Summer Games A Warm Trip With Taija ****  
Tomita Kosmos-Space Fantasy The Sea Named "Solaris" *****  
Toots & The Maytals Funky Kingston Daddy's Home *****  
Toto IV Rosanna *****  
Traffic Island Enough Is Enough Three Star Hotel *  
Transatlantic Bridge Across Forever Duel With The Devil **  
Transatlantic SMPT E All Of The Above **  
Transvision Vamp Velveteen Velveteen *****  
Turner, Tina Private Dancer Private Dancer *****  

U Sivun alkuun

UB40 The Best Of Volumes 1 & 2 Don't Let It Pass You By *****  
Ultravox Best Of Ultravox All Fall Down *****  
Underworld Dubnobasswithmyheadman MMM Skyscraper I Love You *****  

V Sivun alkuun

Vainio, Juha Sellaista Elämä On Mä Uskon Huomispäivään *****  
Various Absolute Beginners Riot City *****  
Various Aurinkoista Suomipoppia Raivo Härkä *  
Various Dream Machine Dolphin's Thoughts *****  
Various Finndies Volume 1 Acid Rain ****  
Various Ghostbusters I Can Wait Forever *****  
Various Hospital Mix 4 Little Green Men **  
Various Joulun Tähtitaivas 3 Marian Poika ***  
Various Koulukaverit 70's Yes Sir, I Can Boogie **  
Various Lost In The Stars - The Music Of Kurt Weill Lost In The Stars *****  
Various QCD Abacab *****  
Various Reggae For Lovers Love Comes From Unexpected Places *****  
Various Reggae Hits The Solid Gold Collection Natural Music ***  
Various Reggae Hits Volume One Yeah Ho ***  
Various Reggae Roots Silly Games ***  
Various Reggae Roots Vol.2 Funky Kingston *****  
Various Reggae's Greatest Hits Volume 1 Make Haste *****  
Various Suomipoppia Bless The Child **  
Various Suomipoppia 3 Fireflies **  
Various Suomipoppia 4 Laulu Petetyille ***  
Various Suomipoppia 5 Kaikki Muuttuu *  
Various Suomipoppia 6 Illusion & Dream **  
Various Suomipoppia 7 Se Ei Olekaan Niin **  
Various Suomipoppia 8 Nämä ajat eivät ole meitä varten **  
Various Suomipoppia 9 Asfaltin Pinta **  
Various The Steppin' Out Collection Cajun Love Song *****  
Various Uptown Top Ranking You didn't want me *****  
Vaughan, Stevie Ray Couldn't Stand The Weather Tin Pan Alley *****  
Vaughan, Stevie Ray Texas Flood Texas Flood *****  
Vega, Suzanne Suzanne Vega The Queen And The Soldier *****  
Velcra Hadal White Knuckle Mountains **  
Vilkkumaa, Maija Totuutta Ja Tehtävää Ei Saa Surettaa **  

W Sivun alkuun

Watch, The Primitive Two Paces To The Rear ****  
Wigwam Lucky Golden Stripes And Starpose Colossus ***  
Williams, John Portrait Of John Williams Antonio Vivaldi *****  
Willie And The Poor Boys Willie And The Poor Boys You Never Can Tell *****  

X Sivun alkuun


Y Sivun alkuun

Yamashta Stomu The Complete Go Sessions Go Part 1 ***  
Yello Stella Ciel Ouvert *****  
Yes Tales From Topographic Oceans The Remembering (High The Memory) ****  
Young, Paul No Parlez Come Back And Stay *****  

Z Sivun alkuun

Zappa, Frank Does Humour Belong In Music? Let's Move To Cleveland *****  
ZZTop Eliminator I Need You Tonight *****